Brief history

Electronic solutions for the retail sector

In 1999 the development of the first Alert Metalguard systems started in the outskirts of Copenhagen.
Now many thousands of systems later the company’s busy office is located right in the heart of the Danish capital.
From here we manage sales and customer service to countries all over the world.
Although the sale of the well-known Alert Metalguard systems has boomed during the recent years we do not rest on our laurels and a totally new very advanced successor to the present highly successful system is by now under development in order to be launched on the market from the beginning of 2012!

Our customers are our partners!

In Alert Metalguard we believe in long lasting customer relations based on a grow-together strategy - and we are both happy and proud of the fact that many of our good customers have been with us since the early days of the alertMetalGuard project - and we are likewise glad to see that today new ones are joining us with a speed never seen before!


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