Brief history

Electronic solutions for the retail sector

Alert Systems was founded in 1999 and has headquarter in Hoersholm, Denmark.
We develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative and patented metal and magnet detection systems, which has 3 benefits:

1. Bringing looses back to the retailers as profit
2. Raising customer experience by avoiding the presence of ORC
3. Reducing employee turnover by avoiding violent and disturbing ORC events

Our company has partners across the globe and retailers are using our products in every corner of the world.
Alert Systems #1 priority is R&D and we deliver high-tech products with extreme usability and easy installation. All R&D work is made in Denmark with input from all over the world.

Partner-driven business strategy

In Alert Systems we believe in long lasting partner relations, based on a grow-together strategy - and we are both happy and proud of the fact that many of our good partners have been with us since we launched Metalguard back in 2000 and we are likewise glad to see that today new ones are joining us with a speed never seen before!